Multichannel digital marketing

With SAS Customer Intelligence 360, Infosquare gives you a 360-degree view of your customers. Improve your customer knowledge with integrated predictive analytics. Interact with them contextually across all channels, and provide them with an exceptional and experience-appropriate experience.

Your marketing team is moving into the era of predictive.

Marketing teams can quickly access customer-oriented predictive information. Using this information they can guide and customize real-time interactions, and make contextual decisions that will result in relevant, ultra-personalized offers.

Get a 360-degree view of each customer.

Precisely identify the browsing behavior of your audience on your websites or mobile apps. Cross-reference their online and offline data, past and recent experiences on your channels, their real-time actions, etc. to get 360-degree vision.

Deploy custom interactions across all channels.

Create quality experiences at every step of the customer journey, and interact with your audience at any time, legitimately and appropriately.

Real-time lessons.

You have a forward-looking view of your campaigns thanks to predictive models. You can identify the determinants, anticipate the results, and run simulations to define the optimal directions.

Download the Magic Quadrant Gartner Multichannel Marketing Hubs

Take ownership of each of your customers’ interactions in a dynamic way. Turn them into customer-focused knowledge. Then pair them with information from other channels to more effectively target each customer.

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