Our Technology Partners

Infosquare surrounds itself with the best technology partners for the success of our clients' projects

Smart and connected business

By digitizing their processes, and revealing the value of their information capital through analytics and Artificial Intelligence, OpenText helps companies achieve digital transformation and become more agile.

DocuSign, #1 of electronic signature

Whether it’s approving a purchase, signing a contract or validating an agreement, with DocuSign, electronic signature is simple, reliable and valid worldwide.

Transform your business with smart content management

The NUXEO content management platform adapts to both the business and technical needs of your organization. It is entirely designed to give you the latest technology and deliver optimal results.

Automate your end-to-end workflows

IBM Automation® consists of pre-integrated software and services to digitize your work, power your processes with AI and find the right balance between human talent and machine labor for your workflows.

Productivity and user experience


The AnswerModules suite is a comprehensive framework of innovative openText Content Server solutions.

The suite includes the productivity tools you need to expand, customize and enrich your experience with Opentext.

Automated writing of your contracts and documents


A unique technology to enable business experts, without COMPUTER knowledge and complete autonomy from the CIO, to set up, produce and update in real time all the company’s documents.

Multi-channel communication with your customers


Inventive Designers offers solutions to create and manage customer communications for print, email, online, social, mobile or interactive. To help you acquire, serve and retain your customers and build profitable and lasting relationships.

Improved Opentext features


The goal is to provide software solutions that allow businesses to expand or add new features, facilitate user adoption and streamline their processes.

Traduction & traitement du langage naturel


SYSTRAN real-time translation solutions improve multilingual communication and productivity in many areas: internal collaboration, knowledge management and multilingual big data, electronic investigation, customer support and e-commerce.

double security door

Share the trump card of knowledge

The SAS offer is designed to create value at all levels of the company by capitalizing on the intelligence of an organization and its information systems. Analytics solves the most complex business problems.

Artificial Intelligence and Immersive Technologies

Artificial Intelligence, Virtual reality and Augmented allows us to develop the tools of tomorrow to increase man, his senses and his performance.

Infrastructures Cloud

ZONETI offers high-performance, scalable cloud infrastructure. Your assets are economic, qualitative and security, allowing you to overcome your operational challenges, all supported by a range of leading services.








Plateforme applicative temps-réel

VANTIQ accelerates the Digital Transformation of companies with innovative technologies while maximizing human efficiency. VANTIQ solutions facilitate the transition to this real-time, information-driven world.

Simplified data integration

MarkLogic’s modern database technology makes it the preferred database platform for world leaders who want to integrate data from silos, run strategic data applications and improve agility computing.

Total data control throughout its life cycle

Shinydocs’ goal is to help companies reduce data management costs, while significantly improving user performance, starting with the “user-first” methodology

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