IOT and Event-Driven apps

Vous êtes à l'aube d'une rupture. Les modèles traditionnels ne sont plus adaptés à l'ère des processus temps réel. Les anciennes applications sont remplacées par des systèmes modernes "pilotés par les événements". Ils détectent, analysent et prennent des mesures instantanées en fonction des événements qui se produisent dans et autour de votre entreprise.

Create apps to react in real time


Your business is made up of events that are important to you, whether it’s an opportunity you can take advantage of or a situation that can pose a threat.

With event-Driven architecture, you can quickly create applications that rely on innovative technologies (machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Object Recognition, IoT and Edge computing) to track and respond on time changes in your business processes.


The company in real time


Detect, analyze and take immediate action in critical situations in real time, when responsiveness has the greatest impact on your business

Improve your digital efficiency


Create and exploit spin-off events (a contextually enriched by business logic) that represent situations on which you can operate processes to improve the speed of reaction and human efficiency

Improve your innovation potential

Create, integrate and develop VANTIQ applications at the speed of innovation, so that you can harness the true potential of new technologies

See use cases

Smart City

InfoSquare has developed an application that detects the risk of flooding or other natural disasters via IOT sensors.

If such a situation is detected, the app allows both citizens to trigger an alert if they are in danger and rescue teams to help them.



Oil and Gas

How an industry company deployed a real-time application to detect anomalies and risky situations by using sensors and cameras. The application can locate and identify gas leaks in real time and help operators make the right decisions and eventually control evacuation processes.

Logistics and Transport

How to develop and deploy an app to track vehicles and goods in real time while maintaining constant communication between drivers, customers and employees via a mobile app



Field Service Management 2.0


Providing better productivity to the Service in the digital age requires a real-time, event-driven system. Field technicians have the data, tools and skills to do the job. Collaboration between technicians and equipment allows data to be directly correlated in real time.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 refers to a new generation of connected, robotic and intelligent plants. An event-driven platform brings to life an interconnected 4.0 plant in which employees, machines and products interact to anticipate and react in real time to unexpected changes and events on production lines.


Safety and security

Rapid identification of dangerous situations and potential threats to places and people is a necessity. Being able to detect, analyze and act on the plethora of data you have is not a sinecure. Use real-time information from surveillance cameras, sensors, logs and more to identify and respond to dangerous situations.

See VANTIQ solution sheet


An overview, non-technical, of the VANTIQ platform and why it’s the only truly dynamic platform to quickly and easily create transformative digital applications that drive your agile business in real time.


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