Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision

Artificial Intelligence to respond to your business problems and increase human capital and opportunities

Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision


Thanks to artificial intelligence, computer vision automates real-time video stream analysis. It allows people, places and objects to be identified with greater speed and precision than humans on comparable volumes.


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Site security


transportation. Track crossing detection by unauthorized persons, with real-time alerts to avoid train delays, physical accidents and vandalism.




Personal safety


Security on site and in buildings. Complete solution with real-time access control, detection of people entering restricted areas, as well as tracking suspicious objects. Guarantees safety by reducing risk.


Quality control

Object detection and categorization solution for better sorting and control management.


Supply Chain Control

Better continuity, for production units and assembly lines The solution provides improved results with loss reduction and significant productivity gains.


Recognition of objects

Object detection and categorization solution for better sorting, security and control management.

Fleet management

Parking optimization solution to identify, track, geolocate and categorize vehicles. The aim is to optimize vehicle flows in car parks to optimize fleet management


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