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This ninth edition confirms the progress of the implementation of governance projects in organisations in France, integrated with digital transition programmes.

Defined as the strategy developed by an organization in information management, digital information governance is still popular with survey respondents. The private sector remains ahead, with 28% of players already involved in a global approach, but the public seems determined to catch up.

In terms of solutions, the Digital Workplace seems to be attracting the attention of organizations this year. It is even cited as a priority process by 35% of respondents, illustrating their willingness to seek new services to offer to users.

The coming years promise to give pride of place to electronic signatures. The latter, too, is a subject whose emergence has been confirmed since 2019. In the process of generalization, the electronic signature shows a constant evolution from year to year, with 58% of projects in progress or engaged.

These are all features that are widely demonstrated in this time of health crisis when employees need more than ever to access their work tools outside their offices.

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