Infosquare presents ECM for Engineering

A single source of truth throughout the project and operations lifecycle to effectively control documents, workflows, and risks.

ECM for Engineering

ECM for Engineering helps clients control engineering change and exchange, integrate engineering and asset information sources, and therefore control risk. It enables all stakeholders of complex engineering projects to work faster and deliver the best possible work. It helps ensure compliance
regulatory, contractual and legal obligations, from the beginning of the engineering project to the handover of the keys and ongoing operations.

By tightly integrating the resulting engineering information with asset operations and maintenance, the solution ensures a single source of engineering truth across the enterprise, from asset creation to retirement. This enables stakeholders to achieve production revenue faster, reduce costs and improve productivity.

ECM for Engineering helps document controllers, engineers, project managers, external collaborators, and operations to effectively control engineering documents and work processes. A complement to OpenText’s ExtendedECM platform, ECM for Engineering effectively controls risks related to the scope, schedule, and costs of engineering projects, while providing immediate access to critical engineering information.

xECM for Engineering

Control work processes and engineering documents

Project documents, whether new or modified, must undergo quality control processes to ensure that tasks have been carried out correctly, that the schedule or costs are controlled, and that environmental, health and safety damage is avoided.

Management of engineering document revisions

By providing a controlled environment for reference documents, users of plans, standard operating procedures, manuals and other documents are assured of having access to the latest approved revision available.

Transmittal: Collaboration with external stakeholders

ECM for Engineering has powerful capabilities for round-trip exchanges and collaboration through outbound and inbound transmission functions. Engineering documents of various formats can be integrated into Extended ECM, including 2D CAD documents.

Reporting and analysis

The solution’s dashboards also help to understand and control the risks associated with the execution of engineering projects. The Master Document Registry aggregates documents in progress or recently completed so that users can have a perfect visibility of the progress of the work.

Dashboards to complete engineering projects, control risks and facilitate the user experience

An intuitive user experience adapted to the different players in engineering is essential to promote user adoption and work efficiency. ECM for Engineering leverages SmartUI technology and the concept of Business Workspace to create custom user interfaces (e.g. for document controllers, engineers, project managers, etc.).

Workspaces for projects and more.

The solution leverages workspaces from the OpenText ExtendedECM platform to aggregate information about engineering projects, assets, and other information that users use most frequently.

Transfer to 'HandOver' operations

The solution supports the transfer at the end of the project or gradually, as soon as the engineering of the different parts of the overall asset has been finalized.

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