DocuSign eSignature

Whether it's approving an order, signing a contract or validating an agreement in the office or roaming, electronic signature is simple, reliable, secure and usable worldwide.

Speed up your business

Go digital with DocuSign eSignature, no matter what size your business. With market-leading Infosquare and DocuSign, esignature is easy to integrate with your existing one, deploy and is scalable to suit your needs.



Send, Sign, Accelerate...

Go digital for your document signatures. With electronic signature solutions, companies can automate their processes and sign any document, anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Whether it’s B2B, B2C or internal processes, we have the perfect solution and the ability to integrate it into your IT processes.

It’s the perfect complement to your digitalization efforts Switch to paper and especially time-consuming manual tasks!

Switch to digital with legal value

Signing approvals, agreements and contracts by setting up entirely online processes is not only a saving of time and money but it is also 100 legal in France and around the world.

Our offers are certified and meet a proven legal framework. Our signatures comply with the requirements of the “Advanced Signature” and the “Qualified Signature” of the European eIDAS Regulation.

The legal value of enhanced electronic signature

The DocuSign signature is 100 legal in France. Our electronic signatures comply with European Union Regulation No. 910/2014 on electronic identification and trusted services for electronic transactions (eIDAS) and have probative value for all transactions France, Europe and around the world.

eIDAS is a true legal innovation, with the stated aim of promoting the development of digital uses in Europe.

One of the most important uses for eIDAs is the signature of documents: eIDAS makes every effort to facilitate the deployment in Europe of electronic signature,clarifying and standardizing the legal framework of this technology.

    DocuSign and eIDAS

    DocuSign solutions comply with the technical requirements of advanced electronic signature and also Qualified Electronic Signature (SEQ) within the meaning of eIDAS regulations. Our offers are certified by TUVIT according to ETSI standard.

    Agreements signed with DocuSign are legally binding in 180+ countries. You can sign agreements in 43 languages and send them in 13, while complying with industry- and region-specific laws and standards for electronic/digital signatures and ID verification.

    With DocuSign, we provide you with a turnkey solution: certificate AND electronic signature service. Our solution uses digital certificates to sign any type of document but at the same time masks users all the complexity inherent in using these digital certificates. With our solution and its on-the-fly certificate system, no more annoying PIN codes to remember. Users can sign in peace, without ever having acquired certificates beforehand – because it is the system that provides them at the time of signing, in a completely transparent way for the signatories.

    DocuSign eSignature complies with the U.S. ESIGN Act and UETA, as well as the EU eIDAS Regulation. We automatically generate and store a robust audit trail for every agreement.

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