Digital Asset Management - DAM

Capitalize on your digital asset wealth by managing them in harmony with your everyday and future needs.

Infosquare helps you define, optimize your Digital Asset Management policy

Choose a solution that can natively manage all existing digital assets and can adapt to future formats.

Take advantage of the latest innovations and. The power of the cloud in one application and give your users a unique experience.

The Nuxeo solution simply integrates with traditional ECM systems, so you can access all of your content without having to move it.

For you, it is the assurance of an internal and external collaboration without limits.


Infosquare is NUXEO’s partner on Digital Asset Management and ECM solutions.

Infosquare has a high level of expertise to promote and integrate Nuxeo’s DAM platform.

A complete creative lifecycle

Powerful labelling, advanced research, creative review and multi-channel distribution


For all types of digital assets


Videos, images, sounds, Adobe Suite, Texts, PDFs, CAD files, 3D models, etc.


Agility and hyper-scalability


Automate your complex business processes with our native workflow features to increase productivity and efficiency.

We support you on your DAM projects

Have a solution that fits the needs of your teams. A solution that allows them to collaborate with agility and creativity. A solution that is technically the “TOP” of the technology and that can be used in SaaS mode or “on-premise” according to your requirements. A solution that allows you to break free of existing content silos to create a very high-level digital experience.

Your DAM in SaaS with Infosquare eDAM

For creatives, marketers, DAM in SaaS mode is usually a logical choice. In most cases, Digital Asset Management cloud solutions are a necessity to give access to all internal and external stakeholders. The SaaS offers a serious advantage in terms of flexibility, ease of use and access to demand from the web.

Choosing Infosquare eDAM is the assurance of having a cost-effective solution designed for the unique needs of your organization.

It will help you facilitate user adoption and day-to-day system management. In addition, easy handling and advanced functionality will revolutionize the way your organization works.


Nuxeo Insight Cloud: Artificial Intelligence in The Agile Voting Service

Your content and data are your own and artificial intelligence allows you to meet your specific requirements.

Whether you want to classify advertising creations, photographs from the last transatlantic race, movie characters or products, Nuxeo Insight Cloud applies intelligent predictions based on the information you’ve heard Have.

Nuxeo Insight Cloud combines the power of AI with your business content.

See the Gartner Market Guide to Digital Asset Management

Digital asset management allows you to store, manage and collaborate around multimedia content (text, graphics, photos, video and audio). DAM solutions are sold as a software license or hosted service (SaaS). Generally, DAM systems are designed to support a wide range of occupations – from creation to production to more operational and administrative roles – both inside and outside an organisation, often from agencies and Partners.


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