Contract management

Contract management is a competitive factor for companies. Reduce lifecycle times, limit manual tasks, improve customer service and reduce contract processing costs with Infosquare

OpenText Contract Center

OpenText Contract Center is a corporate application that manages all types of contracts, from creation, negotiation and validation to deletion, through realization, retention and renewal.

With Contract Center, businesses can shorten lifecycle times, limit manual tasks, improve customer service and reduce the cost of contract processing for both buyer and seller.

What are the costs of managing your contracts?

Many contract management solutions do not meet the integration, automation, compliance and end-to-end functionality requirements required to transform this set of tactical and often time-consuming activities that is contract management in un strategic asset to reduce costs and strengthen relationships with customers and suppliers.

This highly configurable solution can be tailored to your company’s specific needs. If you’re having a problem with contract management, watch the short presentation video to find out how Contract Center can help you.

What are the benefits of the Contract Center solution?

  • Quickly locate all contract-related information in the company through a centralized, secure repository system
  • Apply contract standardization and minimize risk by using models according to the language chosen
  • Accelerate the processing cycle and reduce operational costs by automating creation, review, approval and even the execution process
  • Effectively manage the key steps in the final contract defining
  • Ensure compliance with terms and conditions
  • Proactively manage renewals
  • Enable research and analysis with powerful tools to bring visibility to the execution of the contract
  • Control archiving to adequately minimize the company’s exposure to non-compliance risks
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