Collaboration of anywhere

Responding to the need to collaborate on cloud content

As part of OpenText’s 20.4 ™ Cloud, OpenText ™ Core Share and OpenText ™ Core Signature SaaS applications that facilitate secure content collaboration and electronic signature now include new features.

These new features have been developed to focus on the demands of employees who must safely share, collaborate and sign documents when working remotely with partners and customers beyond the corporate firewall.

Core Share 20.4 provides users with additional information that allows easier access to content from anywhere, anytime, with improved control over how they view, interact and share documents with others.

Core Signature 20.4 provides users with extensive capabilities to sign and approve agreements and contracts directly from a Content Suite or Extended ECM workflow.


The new features of Core Share and Core Signature 20.4 are intended to enrich the user experience by providing:

  • Integration – with OpenText ™ Content Services (OpenText ™ Content Suite, OpenText ™ Extended ECM, OpenText ™ Documentum ™, OpenText ™ Trading Grid ™ and OpenText ™ eDocs) offering enhanced electronic sharing, collaboration and signature creating a comprehensive system of the agreement
  • Extended global access – with the availability of data centers in Europe, French and Belgian customers can maintain and manage access to their content in their own language and protect their data.
  • Extended language support – with the addition of French as an option for users to customize their user interface allowing them to work in their preferred language
  • Improved security and compliance capabilities – with the introduction of a content administrator role to access and manage all user content that provides tighter controls for core content management and business continuity

Watch this video to see for yourself the new features and features of Core Share 20.4.

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