Big Data Analytics

When power rhymes with performance, we are ready to solve the most complex problems, make better decisions and take advantage of unsuspected opportunities.

Collect, store and analyze all the data you need


Regardless of the industry, data volumes are exploding. Get the big data and Datalake concept:

  • It means collecting, decrypting, processing and analyzing data to activate new growth and performance levers, regardless of their size or industry.
  • It’s about building new models to ensure your competitiveness and development.
  • It is finally creating competitive advantages,exploiting, on the one hand, the knowledge pools derived from the fine analysis of new data sources, and, on the other hand, the capacity for anticipation, even prediction, built from analysis.

Take challenge levels with predictive big data analysis

What does the future hold for you? Identifying unsuspected opportunities? No problem. With the best data analytics and visualization solutions, you can:

  • Make it easier to prepare data. Interact with your data quickly and intuitively, with dynamic analytics.
  • Quickly create high-performance models. Build accurate models with proven solutions and a user-friendly, powerful interface.

  • Apply your models. Spend less time scoring new data through interactive processes that run in real time.

Our consulting and support services


Information Governance and Architecture

Infosquare supports you on the governance of your data, in order to avoid operational risks associated with inefficient management of reference data.



Data quality

Data quality can be affected by the increasing amount of data, the heterogeneity of sources, application silos, or stupid input errors, etc.

  • We offer a range of services and advice that combines measurement, correction and quality control of data,
  • We help you cover the entire lifecycle of data through good data governance practices.

Big Data and Analytics Architecture


Infosquare accompanies you to align your SI architecture with your strategy and business stakes.

  • Accompanying the definition of corporate architectures.
  • Defining the master plan and implementing service-oriented exchange architectures
  • Securing IS, relying on best practices.



Master Data Magement

Definition of governance model, functional framing, definition of models, quality rules and processes around baseline data.


  • Accompanying in the choice of a Master Data Management solution.
  • Training and support for professional employees.
  • Study of developments and impacts on the organization.



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