A platform to develop next-generation business applications that combine real-time translation with Deep Learning, NLP and NLU.

4HMI Translator

Designed to meet the challenges facing international companies, Infosquare Translator 4HMI overcomes language barriers and provides them with significant competitive advantages.

Next-generation applications that combine real-time translation of documents, media or voice in the business context.

For example, it allows chat exchanges or even telephone conversations between people speaking a different language.

Artificial intelligence for voice and transcription

Access real-time translation of conversations, such as telephone or radio communications.

This is made possible by the integration of technologies such as the NLU (understanding natural language and speech synthesis and recognition), text-to-Speech

Pure Neural® Server

It’s a unique Deep-Learning solution for real-time, secure and integrated translation.

It offers the ability to translate all types of information: documentation, procedures, reports, chats, emails and audio files.

It supports more than 140 languages.

Real-time and Event-Driven orchestration platform


It offers the ability to integrate, distribute and control events and processes in real time. In addition, its layer of human-machine collaboration makes it possible to integrate directly the translation functions within the interactions between man and machine or between humans between them.


Infosquare Translator 4HMI benefits

  • Artificial intelligence and deep-learning applied to machine translation.
  • The ability to learn with the Pure Neural ® Machine Translation engine.
  • A responsive, real-time and event-driven platform that is efficient and scalable.
  • Support more than 140 languages.
  • A capacity for real-time exchange analysis as well as auditing.
  • Integration of leading and innovative technology components.
  • Standard communication protocols for simple integration and to ensure almost unlimited scalability of the solution.


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