Performance Monitoring

Performance Monitoring.

Ensuring the availability and performance of the services you provide to your customers, employees and partners is crucial. With the experience it gained over years of managing and monitoring applications (AMS – Application Management Services) like IoT, Enterprise Content Management, Digital Asset Management, etc… Infosquare developed an advanced performance monitoring tool which is made available for its customers. This robust performance monitoring tool is used internally to constantly monitor the customer applications Infosquare is hosting. Based on standard technologies and protocols, the solution can be deployed on-premise or used as SaaS (in private or public cloud).

Based on Infosquare experience, the Infosquare Performance Monitoring is a solution which allows you to:

  • Detect any unavailability or any performance drop and generate any type of alerts to the relevant audience.
  • Centralize in one single intuitive interface all real-time and historical logs generated by all components of your platform.
  • Monitor constantly the performance of the service as seen by end-users.
  • Locate and investigate on any event or problem that may have occurred on the platform.
  • Generate configurable statistics on the usage of your platform.
  • Detect any abnormal user behavior, repetitive unsuccessful login attempts, abnormal contents download triggered by third-party systems/applications, …



  • Centralize all platform logs.
  • Record all logs for real-time or future analysis.
  • Define real-time alerts based on a flexible set of criteria.


  • Lightning fast display of real-time or historical logs in a single interface.
  • Automated translation and visual tagging of logs into functional transactions
  • Investigation on real-time or historical events using an on-demand filtering (by user, machine, component, type of actions, …) and easy-to-use configurable real-time graphs.


  • Technical monitoring of the different system metrics of your platform components (CPU, disk space, memory, …).
  • Functional monitoring using out-of-the-box or custom scripts reproducing real user traffic
  • Execution of sanity/consistency/usage verification scripts to detect inconsistencies, abnormal usage, …
  • Automated generation of reports which can be published to other systems
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