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Keeping your customers around requires numerous skills. There is one important skill that stands out when your company is trying to create a great experience for your customers. That skill is communication: being able to send a relevant message, tailored to the customer’s current interest and perfectly timed to have the biggest impact. And if that communication makes it easy to act, it will be hard for you customers not to engage with your company. Real-time relevant and individualized customer engagement is the promise of the Infosquare Customer Engagement Hub.

Next-generation customer engagement

Customers hate generic messages. And believe it or not, they can spot these from a mile away. It is cool that you are trying to personalize your communications. However, personalization is usually just about being polite. You will send your customer an email with his/her name and the customer will be like, “oh, this company still remembers my name!”

Being polite has nothing to do with being relevant. In individualization, relevance is key. Individualization is all about what content you are presenting to your customer and when you are presenting it. For individualization, you need data about an individual customer behavior, motivations, and his/her context of time.

Individualization is much harder to achieve than personalization. While personalization focuses on your customers as a mass, individualization will involve focusing on a customer as an individual. Individualization usually focuses on the customer’s current (real-time) interest while personalization will involve using the customer’s transaction history. However, that is not all. Timing matters too. Getting your timing right is more than crucial and implies a constant awareness of your customer’s real-time state.

[…]Real-time customer state[…]

Individualization focuses on the customer’s current (real-time) interest. Getting your timing right is more than crucial and implies a constant awareness of your customer’s real-time state.

Real-time: the new paradigm

The Infosquare Customer Engagement Hub is a new type of real-time, event-driven and customer behavior-based solution which brings customer engagement to the next level or a superior omni-channel customer experience:

  • Increased customer experience via interaction consistency over the complete customer journey, for both online and offline channels and for commercial and service communications.
  • Real-time & event-based marketing and servicing
  • Next-best-action determination for an individual customer or suspect.
  • Business in control to ensure short-time-to-market and more relevant and personalized communications.

The solution is built to become your company’s customer experience nervous system connecting everything and running everywhere. It allows for reacting to any customer event in the fastest and most effective way. How fast? Customer fast.

[…]Superior omni-channel customer experience[…]

Interacting in real-time with your customer is crucial. The customer engagement hub provides your company with a fully-customizable mobile app and can also integrate with your existing applications.

Sense, Analyze and Act

Data streams originating in the environment such as regulatory context, new feeds, requests from mobile devices, websites, other IT systems (PIM, CRM, ERP, etc…) or specific customer situations are continuously fed into the Sense stage of the application. This stage also translates and aggregates external data to create events within the system and maintains an internal current state representation of the environment.

The Analysis stage identifies situations of interest where immediate actions should be taken to solve a problem or capitalize on an opportunity. The Analysis stage continuously analyses changes in the environment by using business rules, external services, and Artificial Intelligence predictive models to identify situations of interest that subsequently get resolved in the Act stage.

As situations of interest occur, the Act stage is responsible for intelligently managing how the system responds. Based on the analysis performed by the Analyze stage, it determines the next-best-action for each situation and triggers, orchestrates and monitors its execution.

State-of-the-art architecture

The Infosquare Customer Engagement Hub is composed of four major components:

  • The event-driven backbone encompasses the entire engagement hub and provides real-time reaction, orchestration and tracking
  • The data integration component builds a real-time 360 view of each customer by integrating massive data and contents originating from any systems (PIM, CRM, Mainframe, etc.)
  • The communication component provides personalized communications and notifications to virtually any communication channel (SMS, mobile applications, websites, etc…)
  • The predictive analytics component uses self-service predictive AI and machine learning to enhance reactions, and complement rules-based decisions

[…]From simple reactive actions to complete collaborative flows[…]

Being able to define the different business rules the next-best-action is based on is crucial and should be done using business terminology. But even more crucial is the necessity to adapt these easily and integrate with predictive technologies that can predict and anticipate customer hebaviour.

Key benefits and differentiators

The Infosquare Customer Engagement Hub will provide your company with the following the benefits:

  • Brand consistent and actionable communications will result in a frictionless and trustworthy relationship. It can also support your anti-phishing strategy.

  • Individualization of interactions due to the tracking of all customer touchpoints

  • Access to an actionable and business user friendly 360-degree customer profile

  • Increased digital comfort for your customers will enable digital adoption, resulting in lower cost.
  • Ability to build next-best-actions ranging from fully automated flows to collaborations involving both humans and systems

  • Increased commercial relevance of service communications by adding relevant and individualized up- and cross-sell offers

  • Low-code/no-code with a high-level of abstractions for high productivity and enhanced business rules readability

  • 100% customizability of communications and notifications directly by business users, without any need for IT resources

  • Full interconnectivity with all other systems and APIs of the IT landscape

  • Fully scalable solution capable of dealing with ultra-massive volumes of both events and data

  • Strong focus on data security: the platform allows for data blinding and data redaction

  • Solution available in on-premise, in the cloud and as a managed service

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