BPM & Case Management

Model, Integrate, Optimize, Control

BPM, for Business Process Management, aims at building a consolidated view of the business processes of an organization and to optimize and automate them. Once these processes integrated and optimized, their performance is monitored (“Business Activity Monitoring).

Case Management consists in the management of collaborative processes which lifetime may be long and which involve knowledge, content and resources in order to progress on the status of a given matter which:

  • exists in a particular business context
  • progress is not known up-front
  • requires human opinion
  • status may be impacted by events which are external to the organisation

Examples of cases include: work permit request, new employee on-boarding, bank credit request, etc…



Analyze and document the business processes which are in place and the future onces (tasks, documents, roles and responsibilities) using norms and standards.


Manage the collaboration and decision mechanisms related to various types of cases: credit line request, build permit, employees on-boarding, etc…


Enable the consumption of BPM and Case Management services by other systems (ERP, MDM, HR, Sales system,…) and ease the integration of data coming from other components of the IT landscape.


Veiller au bon déroulement des processus métier et contrôler leur performance au moyen de rapports et d’alertes


NATIONAL BANK Management of credit line requests

  • Management of cash advances, straight loan and overdraft facility
  • Implementation of necessary business rules: expected data and documents, approval routing rules, dynamic checking of entitlement to approval, abnormal requests detection, etc…
  • Integration with the core banking system and seevral other directories and registries
  • Technologies: OpenText Documentum xCP

GOVERNMENT ADMINISTRATION Management of administrative files

  • National platform responsible for the management of various administration files and implementing complex collaboration, mediation and arbitration rules: dossier de work permits, environmental permits, local taxes,administrative redress procedure, etc…
  • Integration with various national, regional and local registries and systems, output management systems, income and outcome messaging systems, etc…
  • Very granular security: citizen data isolation, private data protection and data redaction, etc…
  • Technologies: OpenText Documentum Content Server, OpenText Documentum xCP
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